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VHS Tapes can be converted right here. VHS Tapes were never intended to last more than a few years, and they degrade more and more every day. After a few years, video and audio are affected, and after a few more years, are often unplayable. Prevent your memories from being lost forever by having them converted to DVD today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. In fact, most of the time, our encoding method actually increases both the video and audio quality of your films. Materials copied to Blu-Ray can be encoded at up to 1080p resolution! Tapes that have been severly damaged can be repaired by us. We can normally correct broken tape, bad tracking, and color issues. If your damaged tapes can't be repaired, you won't be charged. We're confident that your movies will look stunning!

Will the quality of my materials be degraded?

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This varies by the size of your order. Our high-speed recorders can generally handle VHS and miniDV tapes in a matter of hours. The average order may take about a week to complete and burn to a disc.Reels may take a little longer. Shipping times usually amount to 3-5 business days. If your order is extremely large, the whole process could take weeks. It all depends on the number of tapes as well as how long each one is.

How long does the conversion take?

8mm, 16mm, and Super8

Projectors for 8mm, 16mm, and Super8 reels are rare. The replacement bulbs alone can cost hundreds of dollars. The projectors? Thousands. That's why many families now find themselves with a shoebox full of reels, and only know what's on them by a label. But here, you can relive all of it. We can convert these reels to DVD and Blu-Ray, and you can watch those little reels on the big screen.

It's pretty simple. Anything you recorded yourself you own. You can have them copied and distributed as often as you like. However, hollywood films, concerts, and sporting events are illegal to be copied and distributed. Unfortunately we can't do much with those materials, any copying will have to be done by yourself. In general, we can handle all of your home movies and pictures that you or your family recorded.

What kinds of materials do you take?

miniDV, 8mm

These are camera tapes, the tapes that 8mm and miniDV cameras record on. These tapes are conveniently sized for storage and portability, but have one inherent flaw: They need the original camera to be played back. Here, you can convert all of these little tapes on to just a DVD or two. No camera needed, and we can often fit several of them on one disc. Due to their limited length, pricing is low!

Of course! Anything you send to us will be returned to you. It will be in the same box as your new discs/drives. Please be advised that any materials you wish to dispose of will have to be done by yourself. We cannot destroy your materials, even with your consent. Although you may not have the equipment to play your old films, we advise you hang on to them anyway. If your new discs are lost or unusable, we can make new copies using the original film!

Will I get my materials back?